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Egypt Arab Republic of Egypt (Arab. مصر)

A country in North Africa and the Sinai Peninsula Asia, therefore a country of two continents. One of the most popular tourism destinations in North Africa. The main advantages of Egypt are the various excursion program with an interesting and fascinating history of the country, inspection of majestic pyramids, the Sphinx and Luxor, pretty quality beach holiday all year round in the Mediterranean and Red seas, which are diluted with great diving. Main types of tourism in the country -tours, beach holidays, leisure (diving, windsurfing).

General information

The location, grounds and landscape 

Egypt is located in the northeast of the African continent. In the north of the country is washed by the Mediterranean Sea, in the east - by the Red Sea. To the west it has borders with Libya, southern Sudan.

The country's territory is 1 001 450 km². 

About 96% of the territory - gravelly and sandy deserts, 3% - delta and the Nile River Valley. In ancient Egypt, they aslo thought the Nile River Valley. Currently, it is treated not only crosses the entire country from south to north valley, but the rugged desert East, or the so-called Arabian highlands (between the Nile and the Red Sea), and to the west - the Libyan plateau, which is a lifeless sand desert with a few oases. Eastern Highlands goes to the Red Sea, which is separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow isthmus. 

The Nile - one of the greatest rivers in the world - a consequence of the lakes of tropical Africa (White Nile). On average, it falls within the Blue Nile flowing from Lake Tana, in the mountains of modern Ethiopia (Abyssinia). In Egypt the Nile flows through a narrow, squeezed by mountains valley, which is about 300 km from place, where the Mediterranean Sea extends.

Population: more than 85 million 290 thousand people.

CapitalCairo (Arab. القاهرة, al-Qāhira, more than 8 million people).

Biggest cities: Cairo, Alexandria, Giza, Shubra El-Kheima, Port Said, Suez.

Languages: official language - Arabic.

Religion: a state religion - Islam (Sunni), about 10% of the population - Christians (Copts).

Time zoneUTC +2.

Calling code: +20.

Currency: Egyptian Pound (EGP). Pound is divided into 100 piastres. Local money: Egyptian pounds banknote: 100, 20, 10, 5.1; piastres banknote: 50, 25; Coins: 20,10,5. Rates 1.00 USD ≅ 6.88 EGP, 1.00 EUR ≅ 9.36 EGP.

Credit card payment systemsVisa, MasterCard, American Express.

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