Interesting facts

Madagascan mol Hemiceratoides hieroglyphica drink tears at night in birds and moles Mecistoptera griseifusa and at all in crocodiles and other large animals.
Madagascar - the world's largest producer and exporter of vanilla.
In Madagascar there is a single in the world Baobab Alley. On the island largest in the world number of these giant trees that make Madagascar landscape particularly colorful and recognizable.
The island has a Dead Lake, dark blue, almost black water always have a constant temperature - about 15 degrees. In the lake there are no fish, no animals or even plants. Despite its small size (50x100 m) no one dares to cross it.
Several centuries ago, on the island lived three-meter giant birds - epiornisy. Bird eggs reached capacity of 9 liters. Today the eggs are of great value to collectors.
In ancient Rome, lemurs called souls of dead, who did not find rest in the realm of the dead and returning at night to the living world. In the 16th century when the first Europeans came to Madagascar and met small animals with enormous glowing eyes.
Madagascar Island got its name from Marco Polo by mistake. He mentioned it in his memoirs under the name Madeygaskar as had heard about this place while traveling in Asia. However, judging by the descriptions of Marco Polo, it is clearly something mixed.
In the culture of Madagascar especially significant honoring the dead, and their belief in spirits. Particularly shocking famadihana - ritual exhumation and reburial of the dead in their new clothes. This is accompanied by ritual dancing and singing and c