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Mozambique (Republic of Mozambique, República de Moçambique)  

Mozambique - a territory of one of the oldest states in the world, country with amazing nature and Portugese-African flavor. Sufficiently unique state with interesting history, nature of which conceals many mysteries and secrets of past eras. It lurs tourist by superb sandy beaches, picturesque islands, transparent lagoons with rich marine life, palm trees and sand dunes, quite unique flora and fauna. Beautiful beaches and islands of Bazurato are Kuiramba, coastal landscapes of Tofu, Moma, Langoshe, Lurio and Cape Barra were legendary places until quite recently and rapidly regain their former prominence. Basic kinds of tourism in the country - excursions, beach holidays, ecotourism, diving and snorkelling.

General information

The location, grounds and landscape 

Located in the south-eastern part of Africa, the eastern coast is washed by the Indian Ocean.

The country's territory is 801 590 km². 

In the North-East of Mozambique African Plateau is lovated, that steps down from the West to the East to the narrow coastalsome with places swampy coastal plain. In the West - chefe Matabele (Mount Binga - 2436 m). Along border with South Africa - Lebombo Mountains. A lot of rivers, most important ones are Zambezi, Limpopo, Savi, Ruvuma are full of water and navigable in the lowlands (in the dry season become very shallow). Plateau in the north is covered by woodlands, between Zambezi and Ruvuma - bright tropical forests and savannas, high plateau areas - mountain forests, to the south of Zambezi river mostly are situated savanna parks. River valleys - evergreen gallery forests. Forest remains about 25% of the territory.

Population: 24 million people.

CapitalMaputo with 1 million 120 thousand inhabitants).

Biggest cities: Beira, Nampula, Pemba, Inambane, Vilanculos.

Languages: Portuguese.

Religion: Christians - 56%, Muslims - 18%, indigenous religions - 17%.

Time zoneUTC +2.

Calling code: +258.

Currency: Metical (MZN), 1 USD ≅ 25.85 MZN.

Credit card payment systems: using credit cards and traveler's checks is difficult throughout the country, in the province - is impossible.

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