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Tunisia - Tunisian Republic (Arab. تونس)

A country in North Africa. One of the oldest resorts in the world in historical terms. Tunisia now - it's more than 1,200 miles of clean sandy beaches, a huge number of excellent hotels with the European quality of service, the natural sources of thermal waters, which are built-art spa center, as well as many historical monuments. In Tunisia is located the famous Carthage. It is also possible to visit the largest desert in the world - the Sahara (only from Tunisia) and see the best-preserved Roman amphitheater (one of six in the world). Basic kinds of tourism in the country - trips and recreation, beach holidays.

General information

The location, grounds and landscape

Tunisia is located in North Africa. Coastline - 1298 km, not including islands. In the west country borders with Algeria, in the south and south-east with Libya. From the north and east it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Length from the north to south - about 800 km, from west to east - 240 km.

The country's territory is 163 610 km². 

Accounted for a third of the Sahara desert. Highlands (Atlas Mountains) stretches along the Tunisian-Algerian border. The highest point in Tunisia - Jebel Shaambi, reaches a height of 1,544 m above sea level. The center of the country is a fertile plain, sometimes - with hills.

Population: more than 10 million 800 thousand people.

CapitalTunis (12 million inhabitants).

Biggest cities: Tunis, Sousse, Sfax, Ettadhamen-Mnihla, Kairouan. 

Languages: official Arabic. There are still small groups berber-speaking people who live on the island of Djerba and in Matmata. In the business life French is widely used. In the tourist centers of Tunisia always will understand German and English.

Religion: almost all Tunisians - Muslims, the Sunni Maliki persuasion. On the island of Djerba acts ibaditov sect. After independence, significantly decreased the number of Christians and Jews.

Time zoneUTC +1.

Calling code+216.

Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TND), is divided into a thousand millimes. In circulation banknotes -10, 5, 1 half of dinar. Coins in denominations of 5, 1, half of dinar, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 milli. Rates 1.00 USD ≅ 1.67 TND, 1.00 EUR ≅ 2.27 TND.

Credit card payment systemsVisa, EuroCard, American Express.

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