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Cambodia (The Kingdom of Cambodia, Preăh Réachéanachâkr Kâmpŭchea)

Country in South-East Asia, situated in the south of Indochina Peninsula, with the capital Phnom Penh. Cambodia - country name Khmer, borrowed from Sanskrit in connection with the dominance of Hinduism and Buddhism. Tourism in Cambodia is still at the stage of its development. Virtually the only form of recreation is sightseeing of this beautiful country. Main attraction of the country - its ancient capital of Angkor, which became a place of pilgrimage for thousands of tourists. Angkor is one of the world's architectural masterpieces and truly magnificent. Basic kinds of tourism in the country - tours, beach holidays, ecotourism, diving.

General information

The location, grounds and landscape 

Cambodia is located on the Indochina Peninsula and belongs to the countries of Southeast Asia. In the west and north-west it borders with Thailand, in the north - with Laos, to the east and south-east - with Vietnam. South and south-west of the country is washed by the Gulf of Thailand.

The country's territory is 181 040 km². 

Most of the country is occupied by the lowland Cambodian plain. To the west are the Kravan mountains with the highest peak Oral, that reaches 1,813 m; in the east - spurs Annam mountains. In the north, along the border with Thailand, extends the Dangrek ridgefacing a Cambodian territory cuesta scarp, and in the east rise the hills Mio leaving in the limits of southern Vietnam. The main waterway of Cambodia - Mekong River, which flows through its territory as part of its lower reaches. Mekong is navigable throughout within the country, and marine vessels can come from the South China Sea up to Phnom Penh. To the west is the largest lake of Tonle Sap.

Population: more than 15 million 200 thousand people.

Capital: Phnom Penh ( 1.5 million inhabitants).

Biggest cities: Phnom Penh, Battambang, Siem Reap, Kampongsaom (formerly Sihanoukville) Preyveng and Kampong Cham.

Languages: Khmer is the official language, spoken by the majority of the population. Passable English spoken in almost every official institution, hotel, restaurant, on the market. A large percentage of older Cambodians knows French. Many city dwellers know Vietnamese, Chinese or Thai.

Religion: 97% of Cambodia's population profess Theravada Buddhism, which in 1989 was declared the state religion. Chinese practice Confucianism and Buddhism northern branch, Chams and Malays - Sunni Islam, French and part Vietnamese - Catholicism. Minor groups worshiped pagan gods.

Time zone: UTC +7. 

Calling code: +855. 

Currency: Riel (KHR), US dollar exchange rate 1.00 USD ≅ 39.50 KHR, 1.00 EUR ≅ 5366.87 KHR. After denomination in 1995 are manufactured banknotes 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000 and 100 000 riel. Banknotes in the 50 and 100 riel almost never occur. Were also issued coins in 50, 100, 200 and 500 riel, but it's a real numismatic rarity.

Credit card payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

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