Interesting facts

Indonesia is the largest island and populated state in the world.
The vast majority of the population - over 86% - are Muslims, spread here mostly in XIII-XVI centuries, making Indonesia the largest Muslim country in the world.
There are about 400 active volcanoes, which is more than in any other country in the world.
Indonesia leader in the production of nutmeg.
Jakarta (capital of Indonesia) ranks fourth in the number of people in the country. The city resides 9.5 million people.
Mount Agung (3142 meters) in Bali is considered the most sacred place on the island. All the temples of the island are turned at his side, also many bali people try to sleep head towards this volcano.
When Indonesia declared independence in 1945 and adopted the red-white flag, the Principality of Monaco, which has the same flag, said an official protest. However, the protest was dismissed on the grounds that the flag of Indonesia origin is even more ol
In Indonesia, you can find burials in the form of caskets, nailed to the rocks. Some tribes believed that the mountains are the most suitable place for the funeral because they are stairs between the earthly and heavenly worlds.