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Mysterious Socotra island and mountains of Kharaz

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When you select to travel through an amazing archipelago of Socotra, which includes the island with the same name, you'll be shocked by the extraordinary and mysterious beauty of its landscapes and vegetation.

Socotra has universal significance and is protected by UNESCO as a unique nature reserve, where were preserved hundreds of endemic species, and they are not only publicized dragon's and bottle trees.

During this tour you will be able to except the famous island and still see the natural and urban attractions of Yemen in particular almost unknown for us ancient cities of Shibam, Kharaz and Taiz.

The tour requires a certain physical fitness, as it implies trekking, including through the highlands.

Route Description

Departure day

Today you will travel towards a thrilling adventure. While waiting for the flight you have the time to get acquainted with the program of the tour and information about Yemen.

Sana'a - Kaukaban - Shibam - Sana'a

Arrival in the capital of Yemen - Sana'a. At the airport you will be expected by a tour operator. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation at the hotel. Your first day will begin with a guided trip to Kaukaban and Shibam.

Kaukaban is a small village near Sana'a. Kaukaban conquers you with ancient mosques, houses and amazing city walls and gates. Here you can get acquainted with the delicious local cuisine. From Kaukaban you will go to the nearby town of Shibam, which is located at the foot of the mountain. Return and overnight in Sana'a.

Sana'a - Socotra island

Flight from Sana'a to Socotra island. Moving to the western part of the island. Beach rest and discovery of the Detwah Lagoon.

Crossing on a fishing boat to the Shuab Bay, then in the evening fishing awaits for you, giving the oportunity to catch tuna and barracuda. Overnight in the Shuab Bay.

Socotra island. Shuab Bay - Qalansiya - Canyon

In the morning you will enjoy rest on the beach of Qalansiya. Then transfer into the central part of the island to the Dixam Plateau, where famous dragon's trees have stretched.

Descent by cars into the canyon where you can swim in the fresh water pool, a walk through the canyon. Overnight camping in the canyon.

Socotra island. Relic forest - Dunes in Stero

Your morning will begin with a walk to the opposite side of the canyon on the residual forest, where dragon trees are growing. Lunch and swimming in fresh water natural pool.

Transfer to the south coast of Socotra island. Beautiful sunset over the sand dunes in Stero. Overnight in tents among the dunes.

Socotra island - Ras Erissel

Transfer to the northeast of Socotra island. Beach rest at Cape Ras Erissel. Overnight in tents in the freshwater stream in the dunes of Archer.

Socotra island. Dunes in Stero - Hoq Cave - Dunes of Archer

Early in the morning a simple ascent (30 minutes) is waiting for us and there will be a visit the Hoq Cave (3 hours of trekking). Overnight in the dunes of Archer.

Socotra island. Moomin Plateau - Gorge Kalesan - freshwater pools

This day will be very active: you will move to the Moomin Plateau, famous for its rocky terrain where so called "bottle trees" are growing that can preserve water inside themselves.

In gardens you will see exotic birds and the Gorge Kalesan, in the mainstream of which flows all year-round clean fresh water. Further examination of the largest freshwater pools on Socotra island. In the channel of the canyon you can swim in the pools. Overnight in tents on the edge of the gorge.

Socotra island - Gorge Ayaft

Moving to the Gorge Ayaft, where you can watch at the sunset picturesque panorama of the central mountain range of Socotra island. This place is famous as the most green valley on the island with a unique microclimate. Here also you can buy the world's best frankincense.

Just a 30-minute walk from place of our sleep is located a natural freshwater pool where you can go for a swim.

Socotra island - Sana'a

Flight from Socotra Island to the capital of Yemen - Sana'a. Today in the program there is an excursion to the largest mosque in the country and the Old City, also interesting to visit the Residence of Imam on the cliff. Overnight in Sana'a.

Haraz Mountains

You will enjoy a trip to Haraz mountains where little village fortress with the eponymous name is located. You will discover expansive fields and picturesque scenery.

Also you will visit the ancient village Jibla that is situated near the town of Ibb and market town Taiz with an ancient history, beautiful and unique architecture. Overnight in Manakhah.

Manakhah - Sana'a

Return to Sana'a. Accommodation at the hotel. Visiting a market.


This is the final day of your rich and active recreation in Yemen. It is regrettable, but it's time to go home and pack bags. After checking-out from the hotel you will be transfered to the airport of Sana'a. Then intercontinental flight will take you to the familiar life, leaving unforgettable memories of Yemen.

The price includes:
  • tourist visa;
  • domestic flights Sana'a- Socotra - Sana'a;
  • hotel in Sana'a;
  • English speaking guide in Sana'a and English speaking guide on Socotra island;
  • moving on off-road vehicles;
  • payment of local guides, boats, tickets, parking lots etc.;
  • valid nutrition on Socotra island;
  • modern camping and personal equipment (comfortable, spacious and well ventilated tents, sleeping bags with clean liners, pillow, etc.);
  • water, drinks and juices throughout the day.
Additional charges:
  • international flights;
  • medical insurance;
  • meals in Sana'a;
  • tipping to guides and drivers;
  • accommodation in hotels of a higher class in Sana'a.
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