Souvenirs & Gifts

Most people like to return from a trip with a little something which reminds them of their time in a foreign place. Visitors to Prague are fortunate that they have some wonderful choices to consider as a memento of their time in the Czech capital. Whether operating within a large budget or a small one it is certain that from Prague you can take home with you something traditionally Czech, or better again, from the heart of Prague itself. Charles Bridge is one of the most romantic and beautiful landmarks in Prague and every day craftsmen and artists are selling some really wonderful items. You can pick up some gorgeous paintings in all kinds of sizes painted by the very person selling them. Particularly lovely are those which capture the panorama and views of Prague such as the Prague Castle, the river Vltava and its many bridges including of course Charles Bridge with its famous statues. While on the bridge one can also buy brooches, hand-made jewellery, puppets, and wood carvings from local Prague artists and these traditional items can make for a delightful gift.

 Czech garnet is deservedly famous for its unique beauty and many shops in Prague stock some unforgettable pieces. It's deep red colour and light refraction properties really sets it apart. All garnet is exclusively from Bohemia here, of which Prague is of course the capital, and a garnet stone set into a choke, or brooch, ring, or necklace should be stunning. Walking around Prague it is easy to see so many shops selling Bohemia crystal and these beautiful pieces are very Czech indeed where families based in Prague or in the countryside roundabout have been cutting the exquisite glass for generations now. The quality and the artistry of the glassware is outstanding and you can pick up some tremendous pieces. For a timeless piece of glass which can last generations and will always remind you of Prague this is a great idea. Porcelain too can be included as something classically Czech and the Blue Onion pattern is one long associated with Prague. 

You will see it on sale and in many stores especially around the Old Town Square. Some people have a real love for marionettes and Prague with its famousMarionette theaters are always popular. How about buying your own Marionette made in Prague and you will discover many lovely shops especially on the Nerudova Street which leads up from Little Town Square to Prague Castle. The Czech people in general and the Prague people in particular love their alcoholsand whether you would like to take home some beer, or perhaps something a little stronger there are some magnificent selections. Popular indeed is the famousBecherovka a light and herbal liqueur which is both tasty, and they say good, for your health. Look out too for the quintessentially Czech drink called Slivovice. This can easily be picked up in Prague and it is a powerful, colourless brandy made from plums. Finally, no mention of alcohols from Prague would be complete without including beer and Staropramen, the huge brewery in the heart of the city, does a very refreshing beer in many different varieties. Not so much a Prague tradition but very much a Czech one nonetheless are the unique wafers that come in a large round shape from the spa towns of the Czech Republic. The history of the traditional Czech spa wafers (lázenské oplatky) goes all the way back to 1856. A box or two to bring home can be handy and very inexpensive. Prague has a wonderfully rich cultural heritage and a book or a record from one of her famous citizens like Antonin Dvorak or Franz Kafka can be a nice memento.