Interesting Facts

Well-known dance polka does not come from Poland. It is Czech dance, and it comes from the name of the Czech word "half", as the size of the polka music - two quarters.
The term "robot" coined by Czech writer Karel Capek. But at first in his play he called humanoid mechanisms "Labora" (from Latin "labor" - work), but this a word he did not like. Then, on the advice of his brother Joseph, he renamed them into robots.
In medieval Czech Republic, settlement, to get the status of the town, had to have a court, customs and brewery.
Czech Republic for many years, is the first in the world in beer consumption per capita of the male population. Also Czechs keep world record for speed drinking of a liter of beer - 4.11 seconds.
Fruit yogurts that are favourite all around the world were invented in 1933 in the Czech Republic.
The biggest castle in Europe is Pražsky Hrad which is situated in Praha.