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Karlovy Vary resort

The largest and most famous resort in the Czech Republic owes its fame of the therapeutic effect of hot springs beating in the valley of Teplá. On earth there are few such picturesque and beautiful cities like Karlovy Vary. The town lies on the northern edge of the Slavkov Forest at an altitude of 375 - 644 meters above sea level. Long since the nature gives people health with the help of thermal springs, which are natural ionic solution that refundable man's strength and rejuvenates tired body. Rainwater in the surrounding woods through the cracks in the ground penetrates to a depth of 2000 - 3000 meters and remain there for many years, heated by the earth's magma and full of carbon dioxide, minerals, and then in the form of the medicinal water is knocked out on the surface. In total, there are around eighty thermal springs.

Currently, 15 of them are displayed in the special vases sources. Every moment from the ground knocked out two thousand liters of water having a temperature of 73° C, containing 6.4 g minerals in each liter. Karlovarsky sources with a predominance of bicarbonate-sulfate-chloride-sodic ions are a group of hot alkali Glauber salt water.

The most famous cultural event held in Karlovy Vary is International Film Festival, but the city is also rich with theatrical and musical traditions (Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra was established in 1835 and today is one of the oldest in Europe). In Karlovy Vary is annually held music festival Karlovy Vary Autumn named after Dvořák.

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