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Treatment and rehabilitation in Marianske Lazne

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We offer a recreation trips to the famous Czech Bale Resort Mariánské Lázně. Treatment programs and recovery are developed according to the wishes and diagnosis client individually. We work with more than a dozen leading health institutions of Marianske Lazne. Please contact our manager to specify the details of organizing the trip and choose health center.

About resort

The youngest West Bohemian spa town of Mariánské Lázně was founded in the early nineteenth century in the valley, where many sources of mineral water comes to the surface. The resort is located on the south-western slope of the Slavkov Forest at an altitude of 567 - 626 meters above sea level. In the vicinity of Mariánské Lázně on the surface stands out more than one hundred mineral springs. Moreover, in the territory of the city there are about forty of them. A wide variety of mineral springs is a balneological rarity of Marianske Lazne. The temperature of all sources ranges from 7° C to 10° C, so they are the cold sour sources (so-called "kyselka"). Local residents have known since about healing springs since the thirteenth century, scientists began to study the healing properties of them much later - only at the end of the eighteenth century, when Johann Joseph Nertold, the doctor of the Teplá monastery, told about them.

The water from the mineral springs of the resort are widely used for drinking, inhalations, baths and other physiotherapy treatments. In the treatment of various diseases or just for recovery resort visitors usually drink about three-quarters of a liter of water a day. Particularly noticeable result of the use of baths with mineral waters that lower blood pressure, improve heart and kidney function, blood flow to the brain and lower extremities.

Resort city is also famous for its architecture and parks. Gardener V. Skalník, architect J. Fischer and builder A. Turner in the early nineteenth century created a wetland on the charming garden city with houses in the classical style and Empire, carved gazebos, pavilions and colonnades. Unusual experience leaves also "Singing Fountain".

Staying and treatment at the resort is available all year around.

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