Interesting facts

Finnish sauna - it's more than a tradition. In it not only people having fun, but also they die. According to ancient tradition Finns before death are entered in the sauna, where they die in a birch the tub at the time when the temperature in the sauna re
In Lapland lives famous Santa Claus. In Finnish Santa Claus is called Joulupukki, and he really lives in Lapland, in Korvatunturi, where there are his office and post office, which work all year round. He even has a Finnish passport.
In Finland it is not customary to leave tips, but they are usually included in the price of goods and services. In case the service is made ​​for you a special experience that you can leave cash or write a check to the additional amount when paying by cre
Finns rank first in the consumption of coffee, according to statistics Finns consume 14 kg of ground coffee per person per year - it's 9 cups a day, making Finland the country with the highest consumption of coffee in the world.
Finland is full of vending machines. They do not sell products, but licenses. For fishing in Finland license is required, which you can easily buy in vending machines that are at every turn.