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Journey through the most beautiful places in Iceland

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Tour description

Amazing multi-day tour of Iceland features well-designed travel routes for tourists around the whole of Iceland. You will have a great opportunity to see the most important attractions of wonderful island of Iceland - geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes, hot springs, Icelandic horses, funny birds "dead ends" and whales, the ice lagoon (icebergs), glaciers, reolit mountains, coast black sand and many other interesting places on the island. The travel route is ideal for photo tours, trekking, intensive activities.

Route Description

Arrival in Iceland

Meeting at the airport, transfer to your hotel in Reykjavik. Free dinner in Reykjavik (paid separately). Hotel in Reykjavik or a guest house.

The main attractions of the island

Morning departure from the hotel in the direction of the "Golden Ring" route. On this day you will visit the main attractions of the island: Thingvellir National Park, Valley of Geysers, Gullfoss (Golden Waterfall), the final stop of the day - the "Kertlingarfёtl" mountains, evening walk on the high mountains. Possibility of swimming in a hot spring. Dinner: self-catering. Overnight in tents or mountain huts in the valley Kertlingarflёt.

Start of a campaign, the Kёlur road

8.00 Breakfast, personal gathering. At 9.00 You will start a campaign on high mountains. Distance hike - 6 hours + -. After trekking tour continuation along the Kёlur road, stop for bathing in the hot spring.

Dinner: self-catering. Night in the city Varmahlid, Bahkaflёt - houses.

River rafting

Today will be a long day! At 8.00 breakfast and gathering. From 9.00 river rafting, complexity 3 out of 5 (for those who do not go rafting, hiking is possible).

14.30 Northern Capital - Akureyri, stop for 2 hours - free time. Further our route passes through the waterfall of "Gods" - "Godafoss". The final stop of the day - Lake Myvatn. A small hike for 3-4 hours, at the end of the campaign swimming in North lagoon. Dinner: self-catering. Night in cabins (sleeping bags). Lake Myvatn "Hlid"

Ásbyrgi National Park

As usual breakfast at 8.00, personal gathering. Starting from 9.00 You will enjoy drive to "Ásbyrgi" in the National Park and to the "Dehtifoss" waterfall. Hiking through the national park for the day. The length of the route will be about 20-23 km.

Dinner: self-catering. Night at the Ásbyrgi campsite, in tents.

Hiking in the mountains or near Myvatn Lake

Option 1
In the morning, breakfast at 7:00, personal gathering. From 8.00 crossing by boat to Rёydavik or Nёystavik (Rauðavík or Naustavík). Hiking in the mountains all day. The length of 22-24 km. In the evening return to Husavik, on the way home "Evening surveillance of large whales and seabirds -" dead ends. "A separate dinner in Husavik (the meal not included). Night in Husavik - houses.

Option 2
In case of bad weather the route will be replaced on a hiking trip around Lake Myvatn and the surrounding area. A separate dinner in Husavik (the meal not included). Night in Husavik.

Extinct crater of Askja

8.00 Breakfast, personal gathering. At 9.00 transfet on highlands to the extinct crater "Askja". Hiking.

Dinner: self-catering. Night in cabins (sleeping bags). Drekagil.

Holuhrёyn volcano

Very long, busy day! 8.00 Breakfast, personal gathering. At 9.00 moving to the east of the islandon the way, if conditions allow (!), a stop at the volcano "Holuhraun" which erupts today in Iceland! (NOT DANGEROUS!)

Dinner: self-catering. Night near Hatlomstadur (one of the largest Icelandic forests). Cottages (sleeping bags).


Departure from Hatlomstadura towards the town Höfn. Stavafetl - hiking - 5-7 hours.

Dinner at the restaurant Lobster (paid independently on the spot). Overnight in Höfn, Höfn hostel - sleeping bags

Hiking on the Svinafetlsёkutl glacier

Departure to the lagoon of ice. Excursion on the ship-amphibious.

Hiking along the Svínafellsjökull glacier with full equipment (4-5 hours depending on the weather). A small hike in the park Skaftafell to the Svartifoss waterfall.

Canyon Fyadrarglyufur

At 8.00 breakfast, gathering and in 9.00 departure to the south of Iceland, mountain road Fyatlabak, the road to Landmannalёygar. On the road: a small hike scenic river canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur. The rapid flow of melting glacier dug a two-kilometer long canyon in the hills of volcanic tuff about 9 thousand years ago. The steep of wall of the canyon height of 100 meters form the bizarre pillars, arches, curves.

Walk along the canyon Eldgjá - the largest volcanic canyon in the world with a depth of 150-270 meters and a width of up to 600 meters. In the northern part of the canyon is located a waterfall Ófærufoss. In the evening, bathing in hot springs. Dinner: Grilled meat in Icelandic. Overnight in camp.


As usual, breakfast at 8:00, personal gathering. At 9.00 start of the hike. Exit from Landmannalёygara to Kvangil. Distance covered on this day - 22-25 km, a long route, but very simple, without steep climbs. One of the most beautiful and popular destinations in Iceland. Dinner: self-catering. Overnight in lodges/tents "Kvanngil."

*Landmannaleugar - an amazing area, popularly known as "colored mountains." A relatively small area that fits a variety of colorful landscapes: towering multicolored mountains, snowfields on the black slopes, from the depths in the valleys escaping a hissing steams, and a campsite with thermal springs waiting for tourists, where everybody could relax after a long walk in the mountains.

Fossmork National Park

Breakfast at 8.00, personal gathering. At 9.00 start of the hike from Emstrur to the National Park "Fosmork" that is often called "The Land of the Gods" because of natural birch wood and good weather in these area.

Distance covered on this day - 18-20 km. Uncomplicated route. Dinner: self-catering. Night on the basis of Bausar - houses/tents.

Waterfall Seljalandsfoss

Traditionally, at 8.00 breakfast, personal gathering. Starting 9.00 departure in the direction of of Reykjavik. Walk in the canyon and around waterfall Selyalandsfoss.

Arrival in Reykjavik. At 15.00 horse riding. Evening in Reykjavik, some free time.

Descent into crater of a volcano

Breakfast at the hotel. Descend into the crater of the volcano (to be ordered in advance). Helicopter excursion (to be ordered in advance).

In the evening visit to the Blue Lagoon. Hotel in Reykjavik or a guest house.


Transfer to the airport. Homecoming

The price includes:
  • accommodation in hotels network average (clean and comfortable);
  • lodges/camps, tents, inflatable mattresses;
  • bus, fuel, accompanying guide + driver;
  • walking on the glacier;
  • entrance to the Blue Lagoon;
  • tour on the ship-amphibious;
  • whale watching;
  • crossing on the ship;
  • rafting.
Additional charges:
  • meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner in the mountains, selfcooking - 300-350 euro;
  • descent into the crater of a volcano - 280-300 euro;
  • helicopter tour - from 300 euro and above;
  • tour in a small plane for 4 people - 300 euro and above;
  • horseback riding - from 80 euro;
  • visa application - 100 euros (consular fees are included in visa cost).
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