Interesting Facts

In Chile, as well as throughout Latin America, there is an incredible cult meat and football.
Araucaria - the main tree and a symbol of the south of Chile. Araucaria seeds - pinones - fried and eaten, they taste like chestnuts. And more of them are doing all sorts of decorations.
Paradoxically, in this small country except Antarctic ice has also the most arid desert in the world - the Atacama.
Famous Chilean island - Easter Island - considered the most isolated inhabited place on Earth. There is only one airport and one harbor for ships.
Chungara Lake, located in the north of the country, 189 km. from the city of Arica, at an altitude of 4570 meters above sea level is the highest lake in the world.
In Elqui Valley - the purest on earth sky, cloudless average 240 nights a year, there is built in the southern hemisphere's largest astronomical observatory.