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Venezuela, República Bolivariana de Venezuela   

Venezuela - one of the most amazing countries in the world, "Little Venice", the birthplace of the legendary El Dorado, capable of hitting any tourist for its unique landscapes, pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, fabulous mountain peaks and excellent facilities for a beach holiday on the islands. Come here in search of recreation and exotic adventures. Spearfishing on the marlin, scuba diving on the islands of Los Rokes and Margarita, jungle treks Canaima and the Grand Sabana, sailing, horse riding and mountain climbing - this is only part of what is waiting for tourists in Venezuela. Undoubtedly, the major tourist attractions are the highest waterfall in the world of Angel and natural reserve Canaima. Basic kinds of tourism in the country - excursions, beach holidays, ecotourism, fishing, leisure (diving, surfing).

General information

The location, grounds and landscape 

The sixth by area state in the north of South America, which is on the north washed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, to the east borders with Guyana, in the south - with Brazil, and in the west - with Colombia.

The country's territory is 900 000 km². 

The landscape is extremely varied: the nature of the relief is divided into three main parts: the mountainous north-west, the central lowlands and mountainous south-east. In the north-west and north of the country are situated spurs of the Andean mountain system - which stretch along the coast and the Caribbean Andes separated tectonic depression Maracaibo Cordillera de Mérida and the Sierra de Perijá. Within Cor-dilery de Merida is the highest point in the country - Pico Bolívar (5007 m). Venezuela occupies the central part of the Orinoco Llanos - plain, which gently descends from the foothills of the Andes to the Orinoco River. South of the river Orinoco located Guiana Highlands, occupying about half of the country. In southern highlands towering mesas blocky arrays up to 2700-3000 m. Vertices them completely smooth, in particular the top of the most famous mountain Roraima - a plateau pl. 30 m. km, and its slopes - very steep and steep. South of Venezuela - one of the most poorly studied regions of our planet. It is this region is described in the story Arthur Conan Doyle's "The Lost World".

Population: more than 27 million people. Proportion of mixed racial groups (mestizos and mulattos Sambo) reaches 75%. About 20% of the country - White (descendants of Spanish colonists and immigrants later time from Italy, France, Portugal, Germany). The proportion of persons of Negro descent - about 3% of Indians - less than 2%, which is now represented by several tribal groups.

CapitalCaracas  with the population of 3 million. Residents

Biggest cities: Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia.

Languages: Spanish (official). English is almost never used, speaks only very few local residents, employees of tourist hotels and sellers of large stores.

Religion: Christianity, the majority of the population of Roman Catholics, Protestants and Muslims make up a few percent.

Time zoneGMT -4:30

Calling code: +58. 

Currency: Bolivar (VEF), 1 VEF = 100 centimes. The official exchange rate of the local currency to international currencies is very different from the course of "black market". In an exchange to be followed the best course of 1 USD ≅ 6,2 VEF, 1 EUR ≅ 6,7 VEF.

Credit card payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

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