The Wall from "Game of Thrones" will become a new tourist attraction

05 August at 12:59

A huge ice wall from the "Game of Thrones" series are planning to make a permanent tourist attraction in Northern Ireland.

In the series, the cement plant, that is output from the operation, was filmed as The Wall of Game of Thrones, almost 500-kilometer barrier that protects Westeros from white walkers and wildlings.

It is located in a cozy Antrim County near the Irish Sea.

During the filming of the series former factory was turned into a place of Night Watch's service. Now, however, the local authorities want to leave the HBO scenery after production of the series, as the Wall can become a tourist hit.

The shootings of the blockbuster TV series Game of Thrones are being made in Northern Ireland, Morocco, Iceland and Croatia. The Northern Ireland economy has profited from the tourist boom, caused by the interest in this TV show.

A little earlier, in New Zealand in some places of filming the Hobbit trilogy and Game of Thrones also become tourist attractions.

Source: tv.ua

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