The first halal cruises appeared in Turkey

11 August at 10:23

Halal hotels have gained huge popularity in some tourists vacationing in Turkey, and now they will be able to go on halal cruises.

Travel Company Fusion Tour offers first in the country 100% halal cruise specially designed for devout Muslims.

Early as late September, travelers who have ascended on board of the vessel will be able to find there separate for men and women gyms, spas and Turkish baths. It is reported that on this ship that wil made its voyage in the Aegean Sea will there will not be any alcohol, gambling and pork products. All furniture and equipment will be rigorously tested.

According to the project manager Gokmen Audinalp, they will not be even paintings on the walls of the ship, that could be contrary to Islamic values.

During a four-day cruise "In the wake of the Ottomans" travelers visit the attractions on the islands of Rhodes and Crete.

«It will be not just a cruise, where there is no alcohol or pork - says Kemal Gunay, general manager of the Fusion Tour company, that launches this cruise. - It will be a cultural and historical tour, an incredibly interesting in content».

Halal tourism in Turkey - a very booming industry. Growing number of hotels that provide requirements of Muslims travelers, which may offer visitors a pool or beach for women only.

Based on: antalyatoday.ru

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