It is possible to order a coffee with a mobile in the Czech Republic

19 August at 17:43

Owners of Click Coffee claim that if you want to buy a coffee in the morning before work, then most likely, you'll have to stand in a ten minute turn. A modern person has no time for waiting, and therefore idea arose to give people the opportunity to order their coffee in advance.

Recently, two entrepreneurs from Prague David Veseli and Vladimir Zika have opened an unusual cafe, where customers can order coffee with a special mobile application, and then pick it up at a pre-specified time.

At the entrance of the coffee shop is a wardrobe with cells that can be opened with a special code. The rest of the guests can buy coffee in the classical way on the spot.

It is known that this system is already quite popular in Germany. Czech entrepreneurs want to continue expand their business, and in 2016 to open 2 more coffee shops in busy areas of the city.

Based on: 420on.cz

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