Archaeologists have discovered a huge monument under Stonehenge

08 September at 17:23

A giant Neolithic ritual structure discovered under Stonehenge consisting of stones up to four and a half meters. The monoliths were found at a depth of 90 cm using a special radar.

According to the conjectures of archaeologists, in ancient times these stones were not in a shame of circle, like Stonehenge, but a straight line and marked a route the path of pilgrims. About this discovery reports The Telegraph.

The discovery was made at the site of the monument Durrington Walls - enclosed by a circular shaft settlements of the construction of Stonehenge. Ever since the nineteenth century, scientists were surprised that one of the sides of the shaft extends in a straight line. Now it turned out that this region really is integral to a number of 90 giant stones shaped of a horseshoe. Most likely, these megaliths represent the path of pilgrims to Stonehenge or other ritual construction.

"This is one of the largest megalithic structures in Europe, which was hidden under our noses for four thousand years. We do not know what the mineral composition of the rocks. If they do not differ in height from sarsenis (boulders sandstone) Stonehendge, their nature is likely the same. Maybe they set for certain rituals, or they marked a giant arena. The monuments of the time were designed to create a theatrical effect, to impress and to suppress"- said project leader Vince Gefnie.

This great discovery archaeologists have made in the framework of multi-year project of digital cartography. Previously, scientists found out that Stonehenge - is not an isolated monument, but only part of a huge complex of shrines, burial mounds, ditches and places of sacrifice. In the vicinity of the famous megaliths found 17 unidentified religious monuments.

British scientists using radar, laser scanners and magnetic measuring instruments that have been constructed at the Vienna Ludwig Boltzmann Institute, have created a digital map of the archaeological complex (occupying 12 square kilometers). In the virtual space, they removed all the changes in the landscape that have occurred over five thousand years since the first megaliths.

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