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19 August at 12:15

According to the study Beer Price Index-2015, conducted by the GoEuro company, beer in Krakow, Poland will cost tourists cheaper than anywhere else in the world. And the biggest price for the foamy drink you will have to pay in Geneva.

In order to find out where beer is more affordable, experts took the retail price for a bottle of 0.33 liter in the supermarket, the cost of a glass of the same size at the bar and calculated the arithmetical average value. For statistics were taken five popular varieties in the world, and one or two local beers.

The study involved 75 cities of the world. In Krakow on average beer costs $1.66, on the second place with the same cost of a drink is Kiev (in stores of Ukrainian capital beer is more expensive, but in the bars - a little more cheaper), and the third place is occupied by Bratislava ($1,69).

The number of places where the beer costs from $3 to $4 per 0.33 liter, includes 26 cities in the world, among them Amsterdam, Munich, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, Istanbul, Nice, Venice, Stockholm, Athens, Barcelona and Moscow - in the Russian capital for a small portion of the beer will have to pay an average of $3,98.

The most expensive beer costs in 12 cities - from Milan ($4,06) and Paris ($4,24) to London ($4,52) and Helsinki ($4,91). And more than five dollars for the same amount of drink will take in Miami and Singapore ($5,13 each), New York ($5,20), Oslo ($5,31) and Tel Aviv ($5,79). Finally, the most expensive beer in the world on sale in Hong Kong ($6,16) and Geneva ($6,32).

Additionally, according to the study a minimum consumption of beer per capita registered in Cairo (4 liters per year), and the maximum - in Bucharest (133 liters per year). On average, people spend least of all money on beer once again in Cairo ($25 per year), and most of all - Helsinki ($1,542 annually).

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