"Smart" benches have become a tourist attraction in Croatia

04 September at 12:21

Unique "smart" benches has become the real tourist attraction, not so long ago placed in one of the viewing platforms (Prva vidilica) in the Croatian city of Split.

Instead of enjoying the magnificent views of the city, many tourists prefer to be photographed sitting on the high-tech benches, especially in the evening when they turn lights on.

Smart benches in Croatia were designed by 21-year-old student Ivan Mrvosha. This marvel of engineering is fitted with four sockets for charging phones or tablets, a special sensor for monitoring the purity of air and light sensitive photocells, including the backlight with the advent of night time.

Of course, you can just sit back on the modern benches. So far were installed only two 4-seater 'smart' benches at the Prva vidilica site.

According to Croatian media, seeing such a success, the city may establish a few more in other tourist places in Split.

Based on: otpusk.com

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