Hiroshima in the eyes of Japanese cat

23 September at 12:39

Now virtual tourists can stroll through the streets of the Japanese port city of Onomichi in the suburbs of Hiroshima with the help of an unusual online maps. Surrounding video was captured by the camera from a height of 20 cm above the ground to create a feeling that you look at the city through the eyes ... green-eyed kitty Lala.

Meet, Onomichi - the "cat" city, where these animals are worshiped. One of the local streets are called - the Cat Line. In addition, citizens are assured that no one knows these pets inhabitants better than their hometown.

At the moment the online map Onomichi displays only two streets. Anybody can "walk" on them and feel themself like the Japanese cat by clicking the link hiroshima-welcome.jp/kanpai/catstreetview/. The city government plans to include expansion of the captured territory. They believe that the "cat" glory will attract tourists, according to Japan Times.

It is reported that Lala - is not the only travel star in Japan. Cat Tama became a symbol of the historic and very beautiful Kishi Station at unprofitable, old single-track Kishigawa in the province of Wakayama. In 2006, the last employee the station was fired, the owner of Tama. Since then, the passengers on this station are not served, but tourists are sure to make a stop here to take a photo with a four-legged furry caretaker in the original symbolism of Wakayama Electric Railway. In July 2015 16-year-old Tama died. Her place was taken by kitty Nitama.

Based on: japantimes.co.jp

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