In England fined for vacation with children during their studies

15 October at 06:06

In the UK is in force law, which inflicting a fine on parents for the holidays with their children during school hours.

The British government recently released data showing that fines are applied in the last academic year to more than 50 thousand parents. By way of contrast, these offenses were almost a quarter less then in 2014.

Information about the penalties became available to the public when a six-year old girl's father refused to pay the fine for her daughter’s trip to Disneyland, and he had won the case. Many Britons were inspired by this judgment result, and began to demand the abolition of this law. The main argument is high prices for vacation with children during the holidays. However, the government does not hurry with the abolition of fines, explaining their position the negative impact of absenteeism on the educational process.

According to the materials: The Guardian

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