Preparation and translation of the documents

When you are reparing to travel, in particular to obtain a visa, honeymoon or organization of medical trip abroad, there is often a need for the execution of the package of documents as well as their qualified translation into a foreign language.

The managers and our lawyers can assist in the execution of the various documents that you need for the trip. We can not only provide samples, but we are ready to assist with registration and legalization of the required documents.

Particular attention should be paid to the quality of translation of medical documents. Even small errors and inaccuracies in the translation of the medical record or the doctor’s opinion may substantially affect the subsequent course of treatment and lead to other adverse effects.

Medical translation, unlike other kinds, is sophisticated, has its specific and it is characterized by extensive use of the terms, jargon and acronyms, requires a careful and thorough approach. Medical texts should be written as accurate as possible, in barren style, without the use of epithets and metaphorical turns and corespond to the original text as high as possible. The specialist who is translating medical documents, should have a very high level of foreign language and understand Latin, know the rules and standards for execution of the medical documents.

The list of medical documents you may need abroad during the treatment, rehabilitation or undergoing complex diagnostic assessment, which obligatory requires translation, often includes:

  •      medical record (medical history); 
  •      medical opinions of doctors and treatment schedule; 
  •      operation report; 
  •      results of studies and analyzes; 
  •      medical certificates; 
  •      reports on the use of drugs and others. 

If you need this service, please inform our manager.