Insurance support

For those, who wish to travel abroad, be sure to take care of the insurance. Especially for traveling abroad insurance companies usually offer several types of insurance:

  •      standard medical insurance travel (emergency medical, dental care and services); 
  •      accident insurance; 
  •      car insurance; 
  •      insurance against financial loss if you can not make your trip; 
  •      other types. 

Standard medical insurance for the trip. This type of insurance is today a prerequisite for entry to many countries. In the embassies of the countries of the Schengen area and the United States without a health insurance you do not get a visa. But later health insurance is useful for you abroad as it covers the costs of medical care in case of emergency (sudden illnesses and injuries), as well as involves reimbursement of medicines and, if necessary, and free shipment of insured person to home (transportation) or repatriation of his\her body. Validity of such insurance usually corresponds duration of the trip.

Accident insurance includes bigger payouts than medical expenses. If it is a minor injury, the injured person may rely on free treatment and be sent home. If the insured person is unable to work, the insurer shall pay full compensation, the amount of which can be tens of thousands of dollars.

Insurance in case of lost luggage. In case of lost luggage or things the insurance company agrees in part (sometimes completely) to incorporate their cost. Furthermore such insurance policy is valid in the case of fires, terrorist attacks and natural disasters, as well as accidents. This type of insurance is very relevant for departed persons in countries with unstable political and criminal situation. Unfortunately those who lost luggage on their own negligence the insurance policy does not help.

Public liability insurance provides cases where the insured person unintentionally harms another person. Therefore this fact of randomness is needed to specify. Moreover if the damage was done under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the insurance is not paid.

Insurance of financial loss if you can not make your trip

This type of insurance will be useful for those who is concerned that there may be unforeseen circumstances that trip just will not take place as scheduled. Indeed, there is always a risk that already paying for surgery or health-ticket you suddenly fall ill or visa will be denied. Insured traveler has a chance to get back the money spent in full. However, an insurance policy usually does not involve compensation in cases of cancel of the trips and in cases of the desire of the insured person, committing an offense by him\her, refusal of a visa because of problems with the law or the violations during previous visits to the country.

Insurance when traveling abroad by car

You can go with your own car  on the treatment or rehabilitation abroad. When traveling abroad by car depending on the country you need to consider the possibility of concluding insurance contracts following: civil liability insurance contract (usually certificate "Green Card"), the comprehensive insurance with covering in countries that interests you the most.

If you already have a compehensive insurance policy, then in order to act it on the territory of another country, you need before you go to sign an additional agreement to expand the territory of insurance. In some insurance companies in Europe, the CIS and Baltic countries it will be free, others will require additional payment.

For the unimpeded border crossing and movement within most European countries you will have to buy insurance certificate «Green Card». This is international certificate of public liability insurance of motor vehicles, which is registered in any of the forms approved by the Board Office. Today in the «Green Card» involve national bureaux of 44 participating countries, including almost all European countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Iran. They come in a single organization - the Council of bureaux with the headquarter in London.

Insurance "Green Card" is written on a special green color form (hence the name). After properly filling in and formalities it confirms the presence of compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance in all countries which are included in the system of "Green Card."

For  obtaining the «Green Card» policy it is required the statement of the insured person, driving license and vehicle documents.

Other types of insurance 

Among other types of insurance for those who is traveling abroad for medical treatment the insurance leisure can be distinguished. This type of insurance is made for the enthusiasts of extreme sports: diving, mountain biking, surfing, rafting, hang gliding etc. This holiday is always accompanied by increased risk, hence the emphasis by insurers, who sometimes draw up for these purposes even special style "sports" policies.

What determines the cost of insurance

Different insurance companies offer to buy health insurance for traveling abroad at different prices. Calculating the cost of health insurance rates the types of medical services which it covers, are taken into account, as well as such factors:

  •      duration of the trip; 
  •      selected type of insurance (the higher the risk, the more will have to come down); 
  •      the host country (for example, insurance trip to Western Europe is much more expensive than to Turkey); 
  •      availability of franchise (a predetermined amount which is not compensated); 
  •      age of the insured person (elderly people insurance policy will cost several times more expensive than for the youth). 

Our managers will be able to assist in obtaining the basic kinds of insurance (through partners) or inform coordinates of insurance companies that can offer this service.