Car rental

If you want to move in the journey on your own, then rent a car - one of the most optimal solutions. You can rent a car by yourself immediately on arrival - at the airport, at the train station or at the nearest office rental company. The car is better to book in advance via the Internet, to be sure that you get just exactly the car you need. It is recommended to use the services of the rental company with a worldwide reputation: Hertz, Avis, Budget, Eurocar, AutoJardim, FacilCar, Irebent, Mundirent. Their offices are opened throughout the world and guarantee quality, prompt maintenance and service. In most cases you can rent a car immediately on arrival day, but in some countries, such as Spain or France, despite the huge number of companies it is better to book vehicle in 3-4 days.

The cost of renting a car within the country can vary up to $ 200 per day. It all depends on the model and the company providing such services. On average car rental is $ 20-40 per day and the bigger the lease term is the lower its daily cost. Interesting that in some European countries, such as Portugal, the UK and Greece, car rental prices depend on the season and the influx of tourists. In additional cost also includes petrol, insurance, local taxes, mileage and even entry into the toll roads, highways and payable areas.

If you need help with booking a car, then our specialists will help you to do it or provide information about the rental company and the road rules of the country in which you are planning to go.