Transfer and transport

Transfer usually involves tourists delivery from the airport (railway station, port) to the hotel or the place where the transfer will take place on the other trucks, as well as the same actions in reverse. Pre-arranged transfer to exotic countries eliminates the unnecessary disturbances, even if you do not have difficulties of communicating in a foreign language. You need to ask on the possibility of an order this service, if it is optional for the tour you have chosen.

Patient transport to a medical facility is not less important task than the actual medical care. Some patients have serious health problems or serious injuries that hinder its arrival abroad on their own for surgery or for medical treatment. In this case they must be transported in medical vehicle with special equipment - respiratory, anesthesia, ECG, defibrillators, heart monitors, pacemakers, etc., and, of course, accompanied by qualified medical personnel. For transporting patients in serious conditions can be used ambulance aircraft. Particularly difficult to arrange transportation of patients with spinal cord injuries, fractures, head injuries and other types of injuries.

We can arrange transportation ourselves or contact on this issue with the medical institution where you plan to get your medical care.