Visa support

Our employees have experience with embassies and visa centers in different countries. Therefore we are ready to assist you in preparing all necessary documents for the visa, including medical treatment visa and studying abroad.

With us you get reliable answers to all your visa issues, in particular, you will be provided with detailed and comprehensive information on procedural issues and the evaluation of your chances of getting a visa.

We can offer help and support for visa as a package "all inclusive" or individual services.

Visa support package "All Inclusive" includes:

  •      providing a full list of required documents; 
  •      estimation of the chances of the applicant with respect to obtain a visa; 
  •      recommendations on the selection of additional documents, considering the individual situation of the applicant; 
  •      filling all the necessary documents for visa (questionnaires, etc.); 
  •      translation of documents; 
  •      Verification of the validity of all documents; 
  •      consultation and preparation for the interview; 
  •      support of the embassy (consulate or visa center); 
  •      taking passport after his return to diplomatic institution (visa center) and transfer it to the owner. 

For consultation on visa issues please contact our manager by phone or e-mail:

Phone / fax: +380 44 593 7426

Email: info@x-tratravel.com