Tour selection

In order to ensure the best experience leisure it is important to initially choose the right tour. Therefore we try to help our visitors to understand their travel preferences and make an informed choice. In our opinion a tourist trip, especially in an exotic country, should not be spontaneous. Though, probably, from time to time many people have a desire to drop everything and go far away. 

Our company offers tours on almost every taste, but each of the proposed species would be truly "EXTRA" under certain conditions. If you can not make the choice yourselves, our managers are ready to help you decide. Sign up for travel consultation, during which our manager will be able to help you understand and provides all the necessary information about each tourist program. To determine the needs of potential customers, we have developed a special questionnaire that you can fill in remotely or in our office. Especially such consultation will be relevant to travel for treatment and training. Consultations are free and may also be provided by phone or Skype.